Burlington Park Cambridge

Burlington Park Cambridge: New Laboratory Space

02.06.2022 | By Seb Denby

Located in Foxton, Cambridge – Burlington Press will provide c. 15,000 sq ft of fitted laboratory accommodation set within the south Cambridge life science cluster. Burlington Park is located in the centre of Foxton village, approximately 8 miles southwest of Cambridge and 11 miles northeast of Royston. The site is well-connected by road, rail and the A10 cycle corridor. The site is served by a bus stop in Station Road and Foxton Railway station is a 6 minute walk or 2 minute cycle ride away.

Travel times to Cambridge:

  • 10 minutes by train
  • 20 minutes by car
  • 25 minutes by bus
  • 30 minutes by cycle

Foxton Station is expected to directly link with the new Cambridge South, Biomedical Campus Train Station upon completion.

Phase I comprises Units 2, 3 and 7, which forms part of the original printing works built in 1908. The re-purposing of this space is in keeping to the character of the site but will provide state of the art new laboratory and write up facilities including;

  • New back of house including gas stores and delivery access
  • Roof top plant, including exhaust flue and new air handling behind louvred screen
  • Upgrade to the roof and inclusion of solar panels
  • Replacement Windows
  • Remodelling of the landscaping to create highly useable public realm

The Laboratory accommodation will be provided fitted ready for a tenant’s immediate occupation. The extent of benches, equipment, sinks and pumps to be agreed through detailed workshop meetings.


Please contact Liam Nicholls or Seb Denby for further information

Liam.Nicholls@creativeplaces.com / 07884 869400

Seb.Denby@creativeplaces.com / 07810 242194