What are large corporate R&D occupiers looking for?

What large corporate R&D occupiers are looking for when choosing real estate

01.03.2019 | John Sommerville

The UK has great strengths in research and innovation.  The UK Industrial Strategy published in 2017 made clear the future economy must make the most of high growth ‘knowledge based’ industries in order to secure the country’s long-term prosperity. It is therefore essential that we understand the requirements of companies in these high growth sectors, whether it be life sciences, space aeronautics, agri-chemicals or artificial intelligence.

Creative Places, in conjunction with Bidwells, commissioned YouGov to undertake detailed and confidential interviews and online surveys of 50 global corporates, each respondent being the head of R&D or equivalent, with combined responsibility for global R&D spending of over £21 billion.

Download the findings of our research to discover why location and real estate are central to delivering our nation’s high growth future.