85 Grays Inn Road, London

Client Challenges

Clearbell were looking to buy an office property for conversion into wet laboratories not too far from King’s Cross, a prime location for the growing Life Sciences sector in London. They wanted verification that a laboratory based refurbishment would find a ready market in a location south-west of King’s Cross Station, wanted to understand the target market and expert advice on what to deliver here.


Our Solutions

We undertook a detailed assessment of research and R&D activity in the vicinity of the subject premises and were able to support the project, giving strategic advice on market potential close to Great Ormond Street Hospital and some key UCL related research work; and detailed advice on the best approach to delivering laboratory space in a flexible, speculative manner.



A refurbishment scheme has been finalised for the building and planning application work undertaken linked to this scheme. We expect development to get underway during 2022 and occupiers to move into the space created during 2023.