BEST Network

Client Challenges

US private equity company Angelo Gordon, which manages $27bn of global funds, and Trinity Investment Management, a private UK property company, identified the BEST network of science parks as an opportunity to acquire five science parks with potential for strong income and capital returns. In order to fully understand the positioning of each location, the income potential and opportunities to add value into the future they and their investment agents appointed Creative Places to support the analysis/purchase.

Our Solutions

We had direct knowledge of each of the parks from our work in the sector and were quickly able to help our clients understand what was happening in the research/commercial R&D sector and the positioning of each park. We were able to quantify expected rental levels and demand for floor space into the future; and advise on the opportunities to grow net income at each location.


Angelo Gordon and Trinity Investment Management were able to successfully acquire the parks at a price approaching £100 million in a very short period of time.