BioCampus, Edinburgh

Client Challenges

BioCampus is a bio-manufacturing science park initiative that was instigated by Scottish Enterprise over ten years ago. It comprises serviced development land totalling around 12 ha (30 acres) at Easter Bush on the south side of Edinburgh, upon which a 2,500 sq m (27,000 sq ft) building suitable for cGMP bio-manufacturing was erected in 2001. Despite interest being shown in both the building and new build options, at the time we were commissioned no property had been occupied. The planning consent limits use to bio-medical and related activity. Scottish Enterprise owns the heritable interest of the property and wished to review how best to progress promotion and ultimately development of the site.

Our Solutions

We prepared a report which considered the existing property and the current planning use restrictions. We reviewed the current trends in bio-manufacturing across the world as well as in the UK, assessed current occupational demand for this site, reviewed the cost of delivery and viability and then concluded with some strategic recommendations and options for furthering delivery of built accommodation.


A better understanding of the market, costs and delivery options enabled Scottish Enterprise to conclude a sale of the Phase 1 building to an occupier who, in addition to utilising the building for its specified purpose, will benefit from and add value to the increasingly strong animal (and human) health cluster to the south of Edinburgh.