Cambridge Science Park

Client Challenges

Cambridge Science Park is the oldest and one of the most successful science parks in Europe. Owned by Trinity College Cambridge, the Park has been developed on over 60 hectares of land and provides around 150,000 sq m of specialist facilities across a spectrum of sizes and for a range of industry sectors. With the park now 40 years old, our client was keen to understand what areas it should focus on in developing a business plan for the next 10 years in order to maintain the park’s strong reputation.

Our Solutions

We provided a report which looked at a range of important areas for science parks to focus on, bench-marking the park against the leading parks in the UK and projects overseas. Through our knowledge of each of these locations and our own experience of what R&D occupiers are looking for, we were able to build up a list of key areas for the park management to look at in developing the business plan.


The College and their managing agents, Bidwells, are now able to plan development activity and work to further the soft infrastructure at the park with confidence. They can see examples of best practice from elsewhere and ensure the park maintains its excellent track record in attracting R&D businesses and under-pinning the success of Cambridge as an innovation cluster.