Genome Campus, Hinxton

Client Challenges

The Wellcome Trust has developed the Genome Campus in Hinxton, Cambridgeshire to one of the foremost locations in the world for genomics research and big data analysis.  The campus is home to the Sanger Institute and the European Bioinformatics Research Institute and since the early 1990’s these centres have been undertaking the task of mapping the human genome.  The success of the research here and the growth of open innovation led the Wellcome Trust to consider how it could best develop a master plan for the growth of research facilities and the provision of floor space for commercial R&D.  They were concerned that such a plan should accommodate the needs of commercial R&D businesses and the research base; and be delivered in a sustainable fashion.

Our Solutions

We took on a role within the masterplanning team, alongside experts in master planning and town planning, advising on what commercial R&D occupiers were seeking in terms of relationship to the research base, the types and scale of buildings that might be required, and where. We guided on the way real estate development would need to be planned for and could ultimately enhance the opportunity for collaboration. We provided information on potential values and costs for buildings in the sector so that strategic decisions could be taken.


The Genome campus has taken the first step in a process of understanding what might be possible in terms of future growth and how the financial case can be built for further development in this location.