Glasgow Clinical Innovation Zone

Client Challenges

The University of Glasgow and the Glasgow and Greater Clyde NHS Health Board wanted to advance delivery of R&D space alongside clinical, education and research space. They were particularly keen to bring forward space that would accommodate both SMEs and large corporates, offering accommodation, specialist facilities and support services. Building ‘bottom up’ the ecosystem in a new hospital environment would be particularly challenging financially, if suite sizes are to be relatively small (in line with market need).

Our Solutions

We worked with the University of Glasgow to make the case for additional space alongside facilities that were going to be developed in any event – helping to provide the accommodation as cheaply as possible and with true added value because of co-location and whilst at the same time looking at how grant monies might be available to support the initiative.


Delivery of a Stratified Medicine Innovation Centre on top of a Teaching and Learning block that also provides amenity and conference space; delivery of suites of innovation space alongside the new 7-Tesla MRI Scanner to create an ‘Imaging Centre of Excellence’ and securing of Strength in Places Fund grant money for a Health Innovation Hub now being progressed with Kadans Science Partner at the emerging Clinical Innovation Zone around the hospital campus.