London Borough of Tower Hamlets

Client Challenges

Barts Health NHS Trust has built a new leading and internationally renowned teaching hospital in east London with in the district of Tower Hamlets. It is one of the capital’s leading trauma and emergency care centres, a hyper-acute stroke centre and includes one of the largest children’s hospitals in the UK. The London Borough of Tower Hamlets was keen to ensure that good opportunities are created for R&D intensive Life Sciences businesses in close proximity and wanted to know more about the nature and extent of demand to potentially cater for.

Our Solutions

Creative Places worked very closely with a variety of local stakeholders in order to make some clear recommendations to the Whitechapel Life Sciences Steering Group. We advised not just on nature and extent of demand but also practicalities of delivering property to the sector and the potential options that might be pursued in order to drive forward delivery of floor space.


The London Borough of Tower Hamlets were able to take an evidence based approach to forward planning of development in the vicinity of the Royal London Hospital and seek to capitalise more fully on the work of Queen Mary University of London in delivering innovation space through its BioEnterprises Innnovation Centre initiative. Barts Hospital NHS Trust have subsequently begun work to support a business case for allocation of property to this agenda and landowning stakeholders are working on how best to capitalise on the opportunities that exist.