London Cancer Hub

Client Challenges

The London Borough of Sutton is home to a globally significant cluster of excellence in cancer research and clinical care at the Royal Marsden Hospital and the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR). The ICR and Borough Council together had identified an opportunity to further develop this cluster through the acquisition of adjoining land and creation of a plan for a London Cancer Hub. In order to make the case for acquiring the land they needed specialist input on the potential demand for floorspace from commercial R&D businesses for the site.

Our Solutions

Following the completion of our study for MedCity we were well placed to provide rapid insight into the potential level of demand broadly in London. We supplemented this by work to understand the demand characteristics for this particular location and specifically for co-locating with the ICR, working closely with staff at the Institute and liaising directly with businesses who might be interested in real estate in this location. This helped make the business case for land acquisition and development planning.


The London Borough of Sutton has acquired land that can facilitate promotion and development of the London Cancer Hub. Arrangements for how the Council and the ICR are to work together have also been progressed so that a holistic approach to development, maximising the potential that exists, can be progressed with confidence.