Loughborough University Science and Enterprise Park

Client Challenges

Loughborough University has made major investments over many years, with public sector partners, to create the Science and Enterprise Park which is today home to over 50 companies in around 500,000 sq ft of accommodation. The University has ambitious plans to grow the park and needed to understand the options for funding new real estate. It wanted to learn about how comparable owners had funded development at their locations in order to commit to development to meet immediate interest, and what the consequences of pursuing various development options might be in practice.

Our Solutions

We used our extensive knowledge of the development of real estate in the UK and overseas for the sector to provide examples of how other locations had funded development at various stages of development. We presented these findings to the University in a report and in person, so as to provide strategic guidance to key decision makers on exactly what they should consider doing. We provided them with evidence based evidence to support recommendations for early investment/development, involving third parties.


The University were able to use our advice to formulate a strategy for satisfying pent up demand for floorspace on the park and to move forward with development of the park into the future - with both public and private investment involvement.