Queen Elizabeth University Hospital

Client Challenges

As part of the rationalisation of the provision of hospital services NHS Greater Glasgow has been investing £1Bn in delivering the new Queen Elizabeth University Hospital campus, expected to be completed in 2015. The new campus extends to 24 hectares and on completion will be the largest acute hospital in the UK. The new campus will host a major research, treatment and training facility with significant specialist clinical research activity involving the city’s Universities. Glasgow Economic Commission identified that further development of the life sciences sector, with emphasis on commercial exploitation of research excellence and the investment at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, is a specific opportunity for the City. The Commission wanted a better understanding of the regional cluster based around Glasgow and specifically the impact of the new Queen Elizabeth University Hospital investment on demand for commercial space from life sciences interests. They wanted to further develop the picture of assets, planned development, key strengths in the academic and clinical base and likely levels of commercial demand to inform future investment decisions.

Our Solutions

We undertook primary research and prepared a report which set out the trends evident in the Life Sciences Sector in the UK, and in Scotland specifically, and what R&D intensive businesses in the Life Sciences Sector want into the future if they are to grow their businesses. We tabulated existing relevant property supply and analysed its suitability to deliver to those needs, ultimately providing advice to the Glasgow Economic Commission on the investment that may usefully be made at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.


Our client was able to support the case for investment in a new Innovation Centre at the hospital and instigate studies to look at further provision of floor space, utilising existing buildings as well as new. Our demand study had identified the nature of accommodation that end users would require so planned new development and refurbishment could be considered with confidence.