Riverside, Granta Park

Client Challenges

UK Property Fund MEPC had made significant investment at Granta Park in facilities and accommodation for research businesses, with a particular focus on the life sciences. MEPC worked in a joint venture with TWI to promote the development land and buildings at the Park. Both MEPC and TWI wanted to secure advice on the marketing for accommodation within their Riverside development and how best to position the project for the R&D market.

Our Solutions

We know from experience that the research base has a key role to play in marketing accommodation at science park projects – its research acts as a magnet to draw in businesses wishing to work with it; it can provide a source of high quality labour; and it can promote a location through it’s networks. We provided advice on where the potential market might be for the accommodation and how the partners could work together to increase demand for space.


The existing market leading promotion and management of the park has been enhanced and the promotional stakeholders have greater clarity on the importance of their roles in together making the project a success.