Transport Systems Catapult

Client Challenges

In October 2010 it was announced that over £200m would be invested by the UK government in a network of elite technology and innovation centres. The work was administered by the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) who were tasked with delivering these centres, now known as Catapults. The TSB needed to identify the most suitable location for the Transport Systems Catapult based on Location Selection Criteria formulated via engagement with the transport systems community. They wanted to evaluate in greater detail the short listed location options against the identified selection criteria.

Our Solutions

We used our experience of securing property for R&D businesses to evaluate the short list of potential locations and to score them against the selection criteria in a way which would allow the TSB to demonstrate open, clear and compelling reasons for the location choice to the transport systems community.


Having secured temporary space for the emerging leadership team in London the emergence of Milton Keynes as the optimal solution enabled the Catapult to relocate, step up staff recruitment and build their collaborations.