Trilogy, London

Client Challenges

Trilogy were managing what was a predominantly office based campus and where they wanted to find a way of positioning the project for success into the future. When the pandemic struck this made the need for a new vision even more important and potentially challenging.


Our Solutions

Building on some modest lettings to 2 or 3 education providers and a small scale ‘start-up’ offer through the Trampery we worked to assess the way education providers were looking to work with businesses and the community in the area and consider ways of building an added value proposition for all stakeholders in the area. We concluded, with the client group, that growing education and its applicability would form a foundation for building an education meets business meets social proposition.



Working with the education providers we have been able to build the education offer at Republic and through liaison with others have been able to create plans around building innovation for business and new business formation for locals and students/staff at the education providers alike. York St John University has now agreed to open a facility here and plans for shared accommodation for the education providers is being considered.