University Park, Worcester

Client Challenges

The University of Worcester has acquired land for further expansion of faculty and delivery of floorspace that its business partners may come to. Having appointed Wrenbridge Land Ltd as development partners, the University sought help to understand commercial demand better and thus plan for development that would fit commercial demand.

Our Solutions

Our work has centred on the potential for R&D accommodation, liaising closely with the Innovation Community in the Worcester area. We know that the University and other key stakeholders will have an important role to play in making the place attractive to R&D businesses, and we have worked with key people in the University and elsewhere to understand how they might best become involved to ensure success of an Innovation Centre development.


The University has been able to understand the potential for the project and how developing R&D business space might help it to attract students and demonstrate impact from its research activities. Our input has helped shape the internal case for further investment alongside the JV partner.