West Cambridge Campus

Client Challenges

The University of Cambridge has invested significantly in its campus on the western edge of Cambridge, where major academic departments including the Cavendish Laboratory and Engineering have globally important research facilities, alongside commercial R&D business.  The University has great ambition for the site and is keen to progress a new master plan to allow for additional development and to ensure the site works well for academics and businesses alike to build on the research excellence at the University and foster collaboration.

Creative Places has been appointed to the master planning team to ensure the plan provides for appropriate co-location of academic and commercial property, appropriate facilities for building a vibrant research community and that due consideration is given to development viability.

Our Solutions

We have been working closely with senior members of the University’s academic staff to understand their proposals for growth and property needs as well as how they foresee interaction with commercial R&D businesses best working. We have been providing input to the master planning team around expected demand for commercial floorspace, competing demand, expected property values and viability appraisals linked to our experience of what businesses in the sector look for.


The emerging master plan will now enable the University to grow its own research capability and to co-locate with large and small businesses in order that it can compete effectively and maintain its strong international position.