West of Scotland Science Park

Client Challenges

The West of Scotland Science Park has been developed by Scottish Enterprise, in part with private sector developers, over a period of about 20 years. The Park lies adjacent to the University of Glasgow’s Garscube campus and has a particular focus on life sciences and renewable energy. SE were keen to assess the potential demand for further development at the park and what facilities might be required to maximise that demand.

Our Solutions

We worked alongside SE and the University to understand the potential for the site, looking at the current supply of accommodation across the City and what level of demand might be appropriate to assume in developing a strategy for the park. We highlighted the importance of the research base in driving occupational demand and provided advice on what additional facilities might be required to attract further businesses to the park. We also advised on the current development market and the issues facing developers in the current market.


SE can now plan with confidence how it takes forward the park, working alongside the University and other partners. It can see how the project is currently positioned and what further investment might be required in communal facilities to continue to attract R&D businesses.